New Design Drawings


We present some of our new designs to our dear Oyster Pearl ‘s follower’s liking. We perform our design’s drawings with enthusiasm by the inspiration of different themes and objects. Our new designs not in sales yet, are based on love ‘’ and ‘’Nature ‘’ themes.

‘’Heart’’, a symbol of love is formed with the aim of expressing eternity on your lover’s neck. Our heart-shaped design ‘’Ocean’s Heart’’ is inlaid of 17 pieces of precious stones so the clarity and lucidity of your pearl are provided with its blank middle part.

”Lalezar”, our masterpiece design among nature-themed products is formed as an amazing tulip with 2 precious stones and the center part of ‘’My Unique Pearl’’, surrounded by 15 precious Stones is open like a window for to have seemed clear.


Each pearl expresses a different human feeling such as one pearl is dissimilar to the other one like your chosen pearl is exclusive only to you. That is the difference of pearl which makes it special among the other jewels.


We meticulously paid attention to our designs for making our pearl seemed more clearly…likely we show your pearl.


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