Our necklaces with Baroque shape Tahiti Pearls

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A production stage of gold necklace with Tahitian Pearl


We present you these rare pearls  ,created in Tahiti Island, with Gold and Silver series that we designed exclusively  for you.Among the unique beauty of Baroque Pearls, we designed for you the rarest ones.We have certified the quality and value of the products with Gem Certificate and  they are ready to be sent to you.

Baroque shape Tahiti Pearls with their Certificates

In baroque pearls with different tones we used the rarest ones in our necklace model.In special orders these pearls can also be designed as earrings.

Tahitian Pearl  from Pinctada Margaritifera oyster  species is known also as Black Pearl and they are  cultured only in volcanic Islands  including Tahiti Island as well which is the most famous one  with the largest quantity and culture.


A Tahiti Pearl in a precision scales for gold necklace production


The rarity of black pearls is based  in fact on a long time of  its creation.A Tahitian pearl  grows  up in 4-6 years.

Pearl size ,smoothness on the surface and its unique luster have a significant position on its value .

The fact that the pearl is the only ornament object produced by an organic being gives an other special importance to the pearl.

Our exclusive series include the most popular Tahiti Baroque Pearl necklace models, with a limited number of sales

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