Pearl care time

Pearl is the only jewel created by an organic being. For this reason, care needs to be taken meticulously that its peerless luster on the surface does not disappear.

These jewels that you wear with love, particularly your saltwater pearls should never be exposed especially to chlorinated water.

A living jewel also should have its caprices. Finally, your precious pearl’s care is very easy now.

The only thing that you need to do primarily is always taking care of it. You need to avoid letting it come into contact with chemicals ( like perfume). Perspiration also causes dirtiness on the surface. Pearl which touches your skin as well needs care. Care should be gently taken every 3 months with a 100% soft wipe and with its special solution containing necessary ingredients so its cleanness and luster are ensured.

The maintenance period may vary from 6 months to 12 months according to the frequency of use.

İnci bakımıApproaching it as delicately as it deserves.

We took care of our pearls with wonderful feelings like the birds chirp cheerfully with the arrival of spring.



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