We made test our pearls

In order to make test our pearls we applied to Gemology Test Laboratory of Dokuz Eylul University Vocational School of Gemology and Jewelry which is stand-alone certification authority about value assessment with its scientific truth. Professor of Gemology and Jewelry Murat Hatipoglu who is  consulted expert at judicial lawsuits about jewelry submitted us quality report results of tests that he personally prepared himself. In order to test it, Mr.Hatipoglu opened  one conserve can with an Akoya Oyster  and got an AAA Quality pearl. ( by chance he got a very beatiful white pearl ) 🙂

After realizing Akoya pearl’s test he tested an AAA Quality Yellow South Sea Pearl,an AAA Quality Tahiti Pearl and a fresh water pearl as well for comparison.

We share with you for the first time  the screenshots of tested Akoya and South Sea Pearl’s Quality Evaluation Report and will present you in the  coming days new documents of detailed analysis in progress too.

Mr.Hatipoğlu replied also all our important questions about pearl and soon we will share this interview as well.

At the end of some brief  searchings on internet,we found 2 videos at News on TV of Mr. Hatipoğlu about precious stones.You can  click here and click here for watching them.




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